They say that location is everything, and we have no shortage of beautiful places to do photoshoots!  Here are but a few of my very favorites!

-SF Botanical Gardens-

This beautiful place is great for AM or PM shoots and gives us a ton of variety.

-Palace of Fine Arts-

This location is great for PM shoots because of where the sun sets.  Beautiful architecture, color and lines! 

-Crissy Field-

The bridge!  Another great PM location Crissy Field gives us beach, grass, water and the beautiful red lady in the background.

-Baker Beach-

The Bridge from the other side!  This location is pure beach and great in the later evenings.  Beware the nude beach though the closer we get to the bridge!  :)

-Sutro Baths-

One of the truly beautiful pieces of our SF history.  Gorgeous leading lines, reflections and ocean.  Also some trees and grasses near by and best in the early afternoon.


-Legion of Honor-

One of my favorites!  The archietcture is amazing and this location is great for early AM or PM shoots.  On a clear day we can get some of teh bridge as well!