Baby Girl in her Mother's Veil | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This beautiful baby girl was originally scheduled to be an on location session.  Mama had a really hard labor and birth and they weren't sure she had it in her to make the trip from Alameda to Cow Hollow.   The day we had scheduled, there happened to be a HUGE accident and back up on the Bay Bridge, and they were nice enough to call me and not only postpone so I didn't get caught up in it, but decided to come to me at the studio the next day.

There were so many amazing parts of this session.  For one, parents were super cool.  You'd never know they were first timers!  Two, she was just one of the most classically beautiful babies I think I have ever seen.  Her little lips, nose, eyes, etc!  Too much cute!  And lastly, her Mom had a few super cute ideas to do in time together.  She was an October baby so they bought her the cutest little candy corn hat which I bought some orange stretch fabric to go with at my local fabric store.  Orange isn't in my normal pallet, but it was so cute in this setup.  She also brought her bridal veil and we used that in tandem with my ivory flokati rug for some beautiful, light filled "glamour" shots.  I loved the images so much I ran out and bought myself some ivory lace to use in upcoming sessions as well.  The results were feminine and dainty, but also filled with meaning and tradition.  Doesn't get much better than that!

I am so looking forward to seeing her for her 6-month shoot soon!  I feel so lucky to get to watch this amazing baby girl grow!

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