Water, Sunlight and Some Cable Cars | Ghiradelli Maternity Photographer

Mollie had her heart set on a Crissy Field maternity session with the grand Golden Gate in the background.  Then June 1st came, and Karl the Fog decided to permanently move in after 3pm.  Everyday.  Sigh.  Trying to find somewhere else that had the same amount of iconic San Francisco landmarks, we decided to meet at Ghiradelli Square in the north part of the city.  Boy were we NOT disappointed!  

Ghiradelli is PACKED with awesomeness!  Aquatic Park has the waterfront and boats with the sun coming from the west.  Ghiradelli Square itself has the grassy meadow and brick buildings.  The best part though is that this is where the Powell line cable cars come to turn around and go back downtown.  We were able to take shots on multiple cable cars, some in the turnabout and some facing up the hill.  It was glorious!  And these two just shined through out!

The Bridge may get all the love, but I will make the case for Ghiradelli anytime!  Stay tuned for a peek at their sweet baby girl coming up later!  :)