A Beautiful Girl in the City | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This lovely lady was born with some seriously cool parents.  They did a joint maternity with me at my studio and then at Baker Beach before she was born, and when they arrived with her they were super chill and way more put together than I had been as a new parent.  At press time they had already taken her on her first trip to New Zealand, and Germany (where Mom is from) is likely not far behind.  She's going to be a world traveler for sure!

Enjoy this beautiful family and their fabulous girl!

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A Dream Finally Come True | San Francisco Newborn Photography

This little lady was dreamed about for a long time.  Mom and Dad are an amazing, long-term couple who decided it was time to expand their family together.  Mom was calm, cool and collected and Dad was head over heels for both of his girls.  It was so fun to see them all together - lots of love, laughter, and joy at the studio.

Having a daughter myself I know the fun that little girls bring.  I am so excited for this family to get to experience it too!  Enjoy here - she's perfection!

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Sweet Sisters | Woodside Newborn Photographer

I met this gorgeous family when I did a shoot for a beautiful children's line a few years back.  That morphed into a fun Halloween shoot (big sister was the best Marilyn Monroe!) and then family portraits last year.  Little did I know when we did the family portraits they were expecting a new little girl and that I would get to meet her.

Most of my clients end up deciding to come to the studio for portraits, but since this family had relocated to Woodside,  I happily came to them at their beautiful house in the countryside to capture those first images of their new baby girl.  Big sister was immensely proud and she was so helpful with soothing, picking outfits and snuggling.  Both of these girls look like little china dolls so the whole shoot was amazing!

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A Little Princess | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

I met this little sweetheart's Mom awhile back when she purchased a gift certificate for her best friend to get newborn photos done for her own daughter.  Fast forward a year later and she was expecting her own little princess and wanted me to do the same for her.  Yay!  This baby girl was so calm and sweet, and even though big brother wasn't totally interested in having his picture taken, we did get to capture him showing his baby sister some love!  :)

This is such a fleeting time in your life.  They will be big kids before you know it!  Ready to book your session?  Click here and let's chat!

A baby plan member grows up! | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This is Riley!  I was lucky enough to not only do hew newborn photos (you can check out that post here), but also a super fun maternity shoot with her super cool parents AND her fur big sister Natty.  Ms Riley turned 6 months old and started sitting up by herself, and since she's a baby plan member, to celebrate this momentous milestone we had a photoshoot!  Yay!

One thing you will notice immediately about Riley is she is probably the very best dressed grill in the Marina, if not the entirerty of San Francisco!  I loved her greys and pinks, and that sweet smile is enough to brighten any room she's in.  She was a little unsure at first when she got there, but once Daddy started making silly sounds and faces for her, she was good to go.  

NOTHING gives me more happiness than getting to see my newborns grow up to be big kids.  I can't wait to see this little lady for her 1 year!  Go RILEY!

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Baby Girl in her Mother's Veil | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This beautiful baby girl was originally scheduled to be an on location session.  Mama had a really hard labor and birth and they weren't sure she had it in her to make the trip from Alameda to Cow Hollow.   The day we had scheduled, there happened to be a HUGE accident and back up on the Bay Bridge, and they were nice enough to call me and not only postpone so I didn't get caught up in it, but decided to come to me at the studio the next day.

There were so many amazing parts of this session.  For one, parents were super cool.  You'd never know they were first timers!  Two, she was just one of the most classically beautiful babies I think I have ever seen.  Her little lips, nose, eyes, etc!  Too much cute!  And lastly, her Mom had a few super cute ideas to do in time together.  She was an October baby so they bought her the cutest little candy corn hat which I bought some orange stretch fabric to go with at my local fabric store.  Orange isn't in my normal pallet, but it was so cute in this setup.  She also brought her bridal veil and we used that in tandem with my ivory flokati rug for some beautiful, light filled "glamour" shots.  I loved the images so much I ran out and bought myself some ivory lace to use in upcoming sessions as well.  The results were feminine and dainty, but also filled with meaning and tradition.  Doesn't get much better than that!

I am so looking forward to seeing her for her 6-month shoot soon!  I feel so lucky to get to watch this amazing baby girl grow!

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Meet my current cover girl! | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

If you have been on my website lately, then you have likely seen this girl as the main photo on my cover page.  Not only was she just a gorgeous baby, she was SO good throughout our December shoot and let us get through so many different setups with her.  Her hair was glorious and I just fell in love with her pouty little lips too.  I loved her gallery so much that not only is she featured on the website, but you can also see her and her sweet parents on canvas in my studio too!

I have a special place in my heart for baby girls (having one myself I know how awesome they are) but this girl made my job SO easy.  I will always look back on her session and smile.  

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Riley + her fur sister Natty! | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This post was LONG overdue!  I actually just shot this sweethearts 6-month photos a month ago!  But when I went to blog her 6-month session (she's a baby plan member!) I realized that I had never blogged her newborn session which I absolutely loved!  So here she is!  Ms. Riley in all her cuteness.

When her parents reached out to me, they mentioned that their first born Nattie was getting on in years and had cancer.  :(  They really wanted to include her in the session so that Riley would be able to have something to remember her first friend by.  I am a total dog lover (seriously...if we could have them in our apartment I would have 10 pups) so a day where I can snuggle babies AND hang out with a pup is the best day ever.  Natty wasn't quite as sure about the photography part but she was a good sport.  And she got lots of love and scratches for her efforts.

I just adore this family and I'm so excited to watch Riley grow and thrive over the years!  Keep your eyes out for her 6-month session later but until then, enjoy a peek at baby Riley!

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Sweet little lady and a bounty of blankies! | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

I am SO behind on blogging.  During the busy season of the fall I totally dropped the ball on doing it and January through March was surprisingly busy too with a photography retreat + lot's of beautiful babies.  Prepare yourself for lot's of awesome as I try my best to get caught up sharing some of them with you over the next few weeks.  :)

Speaking of awesome - this family certainly qualifies.  Talk about a loved baby!  This little lady had 4 beautiful blankets knitted for her that we incorporated in to her session.  Mom and Dad were super cool, and really had this whole parenting thing down already.  I especially loved Mom in her cream, neutral top and a splash of color with her cool scarf, and the look on Dad's face when he held his baby girl made me swoon!

There is nothing more precious than those first few weeks with your new baby, and all those sweet little details change so quickly.  I loved being able to document them for this beautiful family!

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Ghirardelli Maternity to Gorgeous Baby Girl | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

Remember this maternity session?  Well they had a gorgeous baby girl and I got to go hang out with her for a few hours.  You would have never known that these guys were first time parents.  They were calm, cool and collected and rocked this time of their lives like it was nobody's business.

Little Miss was a super sleeper and made my job SO easy.  Super fun!  Enjoy the sneak peek of this girl and her sweetheart parents!

11 Pounds of Handsome Baby Boy | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

This guy!  This guy was just incredible.  Not only was he over 10 pounds when he was born, at 11 days old he was already WELL over 11!  He honestly looked like a 3 month old and a lot of the newborn goodies I brought wouldn't fit him.  That turned out just fine though as we kept his session super clean and simple instead.  I love the creams and greys we used, and even this Dodger fan couldn't help but fall in love with this future Giants one.

Enjoy a precious look at this big boy and his amazing parents!

Sleeping Beauty Aurora | San Francisco Newborn Studio Photographer

This little girl shares a name with a pretty famous Disney princess, but I'd say she beats her in the beauty department!  She arrived to the studio after a ride with her Mom up from Mountain View, had a quick little snack and literally just slept for the next two hours.  No matter what we did, she was completely unflappable.  Her Mom brought some beautiful wraps that we used, and she even flashed some gorgeous smiles at us too!

Enjoy a peek at this little sleeping beauty!

Courtney and Zach in the City | San Francisco Maternity Photographer

I get to work with a ton of beautiful couples in this business.  But these two legitimately took the cake!  Not only were they just gorgeous, but they were the two sweetest people and were so in love with each other.  They didn't know what they were having yet (Surprise!!!  That answer and photos will be in another post) and it didn't matter.  They were just so excited to be parents and share this amazing time with each other.

We had to chase locations because of the silly fog, but Lucas Park in the Presidio was good to us, even flashing some beautiful sunlight here and there.  Enjoy these beautiful parents to be and be on the lookout for their baby post soon!

Double the Love and Fun | San Francisco Twins Photographer

I love this family!  They decided a third baby would complete their family that included two of the most gorgeous girls I have ever worked with.  Imagine their surprise when they ended up with TWINS!!  This little guy will end up with 2 big sisters and his girl twin to keep him in line growing up.  I had so much posing them separately at their home, but the best part was when I put them together in the box and not only did they snuggle, they held hands!  Swoon!!!

Enjoy a peek at the sweetest little people ever!  

A Proud Big Brother to Be | San Francisco Maternity and Family Photographer

I have a confession to make.  I fell a little in love with this little dude during our session.  His Mom wanted less maternity and more focus on him and he just owned it like a boss.  His smile just lit of the whole world and I had so much fun chasing him around Crissy Field.  The weather was good to us too, and the beautiful light just made the whole scene even more magical.

Stay tuned for a peek of this guys's new baby brother in an upcoming post too!  It's awesome that the world get's two of these guys!  Enjoy!

Marvelous Morgan | Emeryville Newborn Photographer

This beautiful gal gave us a run for our money.  She had kept her parents up all night the day before our session and they were wiped!  They exhaustedly asked if we could postpone our session a day and having had a newborn myself, of course I said ok!  We rescheduled for the next day and they had had a much better night.

When I got to their beautiful home in Emeryville, this little girl was in the middle of a massive growth spurt and just wanted to eat constantly!  Once we filled her sweet little belly though, it was lights out and sweet dreams and we got a huge gallery full of amazing shots.  It was such a fun day!

Enjoy a little peek of this beauty!

Water, Sunlight and Some Cable Cars | Ghiradelli Maternity Photographer

Mollie had her heart set on a Crissy Field maternity session with the grand Golden Gate in the background.  Then June 1st came, and Karl the Fog decided to permanently move in after 3pm.  Everyday.  Sigh.  Trying to find somewhere else that had the same amount of iconic San Francisco landmarks, we decided to meet at Ghiradelli Square in the north part of the city.  Boy were we NOT disappointed!  

Ghiradelli is PACKED with awesomeness!  Aquatic Park has the waterfront and boats with the sun coming from the west.  Ghiradelli Square itself has the grassy meadow and brick buildings.  The best part though is that this is where the Powell line cable cars come to turn around and go back downtown.  We were able to take shots on multiple cable cars, some in the turnabout and some facing up the hill.  It was glorious!  And these two just shined through out!

The Bridge may get all the love, but I will make the case for Ghiradelli anytime!  Stay tuned for a peek at their sweet baby girl coming up later!  :)

The Best Big Brother EVER | San Francisco Studio Newborn Photographer

These boys!  Their Mama is an amazing teacher at my daughter's school and when she was expecting her new baby boy she reached out to see if I could take his first photos.  Her older son was just completely in LOVE with his baby brother, and the photos we took of the two of them were just amazing.  Baby Jackson was so good the whole session, and I just love that we got the whole family together for some shots by the window.  They are such a beautiful family!

This session share is the first one featuring my amazing studio in Cow Hollow!  If you needed a reason to consider the studio instead of your home for newborn sessions, look at that light!  Some of the benefits of the studio is I know exactly what kind of light I will have and where it's coming from, can keep it super toasty warm for your bambino, and can have all the options for backgrounds and outfits ready to go for you.  EVen better?  You don't have to worry about cleaning your own space to make room for all of my crazy gear!  :)

I do love adore my studio space, but don't worry!  I will always offer in home sessions too.  :)  Enjoy a peek of Baby Jackson and his beautiful family!